LDMB 2014
$15 entry fee
Up to date inspection and tags for the truck that will be racing.
Full factory body- no exceptions ( example- no flatbeds)
Factory suspension or legal lift-kits ( No homemade lift-kits)
Engine must be the same make as truck.
Vacuum at intake must pull a steady 13lbs at 800 rpms
Exhaust must come out behind cab of the truck ( manifolds or headers)
Trucks with removable tops must have roll-over protection or leave top on
Factory dash.
No gutting of truck in any section
4-wheel brakes
Solid hook-up for cable
Helmet recommended
Must use same size tire on front and rear
Can not change tires between runs- UNLESS- to race another class
A-Street Light - up to 33
B-Street Light - up to 36 
C-Street Light 37 and up
A-Street Heavy- up to 33
B-Street Heavy- up to 36 
C-Street Heavy- 37 and up
Rules are subject to change and new rules may apply at track owner’s discretion!!